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Joy of Life Organization

Deep and lasting love takes work, like anything else that is splendid. 

Love is work but the work of two Gods building something great together. Greatness comes from achieving depth not seeking endless variety. The deeper you see into each other’s Souls, the the more profound your love.

Love is the work of beginning a relationship with forty percent harmony and awakening to each other so that some day, you will share eighty percent of life.

Love is the work of paying attention to the other–the other’s aspirations, needs, disappointments, favorite friends, and past times. Attention is the most romantic force in the world. Attention carries with it the Life Force that gives life. Whatever and whomever you place your loving attention on, will prosper and blossom.

Love is the work of maintaining each of your healthy boundaries while your two souls merge in trust.

Love is the work of…

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