Tell Me About Yourself Award…

by The Writer

I can’t believe you’re not bored of me yet!

Imagine my surprise and delight when I checked in on my little blog to see that I had been nominated for a new award!  The ‘Tell Me About Yourself Award” seemed funny to me because I didn’t think people really wanted to know about ME, just the foolishness about my life.  I was nominated for this cool award by a fantastic blogger, whom I’ve found strength and inspiration from, theforgottenwife who, if you haven’t already, should check out immediately…. I’ll wait for you to return to my blog– I’m sure she’s got a more interesting topic to share with you….

…Oh… you’re back (or you didn’t visit? [shame on you]).

The rules for this one are pretty simple: Thank the person who awarded it to you (go and visit, theforgottenwife blog dammit!) and then tell the world 7 things about you that you have not yet shared.

Here are 7 things you probably couldn’t guess from reading my blog:

  1.  I’m 6′ 3″, but for the longest while I told everyone I was 6′ 4″– I’m not sure if I had ever reached that height, but the number looks cooler when filling out forms that require such information.
  2. I always check out people’s hands and feet– For some reason, I always think I can tell what ‘type’ of person they are by observing a person’s extremities.
  3. In a past life I was an actor.  (Replace ‘past’ with current, [but it was a long time ago]).  Sometimes I wonder what would’ve happened if I actually stayed on that course, but…. meh… C’est la vie.
  4. I wanted to be a quantum physicist… Until I realized how much math was required…
  5. Favourite cartoons growing up were Thundercats, Transformers, and Scooby-Doo.  I always wondered what would happen if I ate a Scooby-snack. Sadly, nothing but an upset stomach.
  6. I love to cook, but never want to be a chef.
  7. My body of work is greatly influenced by Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung– That’s right, most of my inspiration comes from dead people who aren’t religious figures.

I waited to celebrate this award so that I could find some new blogs I believe are worth checking out. And I wanted to get to know the writers of those blogs a little more.  There are so many awesome blogs I’ve come across, and it’s always a difficult decision to make about who will be nominated… So I nominate the following 7 blogs for the ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ Award:

Karmic Diva – A woman with style and grace blogging about life, love and … well whatever needs to be discussed!

Here I Stand, Smiling Darkly – Wickedly hilarious blog from a very talented writer…

Pressed Grapes – This is a great blog for when life keeps handing you lemons…

Through your eyes – Insightful, and inspirational writer with a strong voice and strong conviction…

Angelic Maria – The name says it all… great blog!

The Unsolicited Memoirs of an Infrangible Writer –    Always gotta sport my fellow screenwriters! Check it her adventures.

Moths to a Flame – Single life + dating = ensuing hilarity. Check it out!

Thank you again for joining me on this journey, and if you haven’t already I encourage you to enter my contest.  The deadline is approaching soon!