Kreativ Blogger Award

by The Writer

The Dedicated Follower Award

The generosity of Karmic Diva, and other fellow bloggers knows no bounds.  I’ve been blessed with a couple more awards that I get to share with you, which is awesome.  The first award is the Dedicated Follower Award.  This is for everyone who subscribed, read, liked, commented, stumbled by mistakenly, randomly, or regrettably!  I appreciate you reading my thoughts, and sharing my journey.  Very few people in my real life know about my blog, (I’ve been a writer way too long for most people to care about my ‘projects’), but I’ve somehow managed to accumulate over 50 followers!   Thanks again for sharing your stories, and encouragement.  No requirements for this award… just sit back, read and enjoy.

The Kreativ Blogger Award

The second award nomination, also generously given to me by the lovely Karmic Diva, is a special honour because I like the way ‘Kreativ’ is spelt.  Really.  That’s why it’s special to me.  If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, you must be one of the few illiterates trolling the blogosphere for ‘funny cat’ videos.  Sad.

Keeping with the rules of the award,  1) I’ve provided a link to the one who nominated me (the Karmic Diva experience). 2) And now here are 7 things about me:

  1. Before I became a writer, a psychic told me that I would become a writer, and I have the recorded session to prove it!
  2. I re-watched the Lost series just to figure out why I didn’t like the ending.  Horrible, I know…
  3. My favourite superheroes are Dr. Manhattan & Batman… (Not for obvious reasons– Perhaps I’ll blog about why another time) .
  4. I’ll take wine over beer, but I’ll drink whatever improves my writing… (If I’m not drinking and writing, you should be drinking and reading.  Trust me. My posts will be more enjoyable).
  5. I had my first kiss while playing a thrilling game of ‘house’, in kindergarten, by some random pre-school harlot who wouldn’t let me ‘go to work’… I don’t recall all the facts, but I’m sure I was fired soon after.
  6. Sometimes I like creating awkward moments, just to see what people will do– Probably because in an awkward moment, kinder-harlot robbed me of my first kiss.
  7. This is by far the worst year of my existence yet, I’m grateful to be able to enjoy this season of Game of Thrones and The Legend of Korra (I have nieces that are into the show…Fine. I watch it without them.)

3) I nominate the following 7 bloggers for the Kreativ Blogger Award:

  1. theforgottenwife – much like the sun, she’s bright, warm and has scores of followers bathing in her brilliance.
  2. Are You Meant For Something Better? – In a word, yes, but fortunately this blog has many more words to say on that… great stuff.
  3. Screw Infidelity – Insightful posts from a strong woman, with stronger principles.
  4. Here I Stand, Smiling Darkly – Who knew darkness, could be so funny.
  5. LizaWrites – Beautiful words, from a beautiful soul.
  6. Through your eyes – gritty and real perspective from a courageous young voice
  7. Choosingmyownwellbeing – Chronicles of a journey of strength, compassion and heartache.

Stay tuned folks…