Luxuria Erotica

by The Writer

She Knows

Taking it all in, I want nothing more than to taste her body, and she knows it.  Holding me in her playful gaze, her eyes smile and make my heart skip a beat.  She’s opened the window to her soul and allowed me to touch her heart.  A daring move for someone so broken.  My lips meet hers, but only for a moment before she pulls away to place herself on the floor.  She presses her foot against my chest to hold me back, then sharp words escape from her lips, pierce the charged space between us and pull me in even closer.  With a firm hand and a soft smile, she reaches for me– I can feel the warmth from her palm, but she’s not ready yet.

Sprawled out, the hard wooden surface takes every inch of her body as she writhes with pleasure.  The slanted light through the window illuminates her body,  making it glisten like gold.  It’s treasure I must have, but can’t touch.  A soft moan slides out, followed by a few more, each building in intensity and duration.  I feel my breath quickening, matching hers.  Our eyes meet again and we’re locked in dance that seems to carry us into timelessness.  It’s too much for either of us to consume, but I can’t look away.  She squeezes her eyes shut and her pheromones explode in my face.  I can’t take it anymore.  I want nothing more than to taste her body and she knows it.