Death and Taxes

by The Writer

 Uncertainty is the Only Thing I’m Certain About.

It’s said that death and taxes are the only two certain things in life, and everything else is mere possibility.  Interestingly, most people fear death because it’s ‘the unknown’, and hate taxes because they’re always too high.  It’s a pretty sad state of affairs that in life I’m certain to experience fear and hate, but experiencing courage and love are uncertain.  Love presents itself in many forms, but somehow I feel sometimes I miss the mark in recognizing it, which may account for experiencing it being ‘only a possibility’.  Often times I’m too afraid to take action for fear of failure or making a mistake, which again may account for courage slipping through my grasp. It’s interesting that recognizing love and being courageous are options of my choosing.  This of course begs another questions of the exhausting choice verses fate argument.

Instead of promoting ‘team choice’, or ‘team fate’, what if I just accept they’re the same thing, and change how I think about them.  One is present tense, and the other, is past tense– it’s a bit of a logical faux pas, I’ll admit, but time is a ‘relative illusion’, so they could, in theory be the same.  My choices have already been made for me, I just experience the process of making them when the time comes to give me the feeling of being an active participant.  It’s not as bad as it sounds.  It’s quite fun actually– To use a movie analogy, (because I always try to) it’s like watching your favourite movie over again just to enjoy the journey.  You already know how it’s going to end, you’re familiar with the story, characters, their motivations and the choices they make.  You just love to watch how it plays out.  It’s still enjoyable watching the characters make their decisions even though you already know their fate. But it’s not fate until you look back on their choices they’ve made and connect the plot points.  If I state, “it’s going to be fate that I’ll win one million dollars”, and it takes me a million lottery tickets to win, only after I win can I say, “I told you so”.  But it was my choice to pursue it through purchasing the tickets.  Had I made the statement and done nothing to get one million dollars, and somehow got it anyway people would check my choices to see how fate played it’s hand.  Fate is an uncertainty that can only be concluded in retrospect.  Choice is a certainty that is experienced in the present, but both are two sides of the same coin.

Living with uncertainty is a hellish existence, as is living in complete certainty– It’s way too predictable.  Therefore, it seems that life requires a balance of both.  The possibilities in between are for your enjoyment, should you be brave enough, and choose to recognize the love surrounding you.  I live in an uncertain time, but within them, I’m certain I’ve experienced possibilities far greater than death and taxes.  I don’t really pay attention to taxes because they’re here to stay and they’re out of my control.  I wouldn’t say I fear death, instead, I’m curious about what kind of beginning happens after the end.  Maybe something.  Maybe nothing.  The possibilities are endless.