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Today’s post comes from guest blogger (my virtual therapist), Red Moon! I would like to declare my gratitude to this amazing blogger for inspiration, guidance and strength.

The Wise One once said...

The Wise One once said:  “Most people focus on the problem(s) not the promise”

Why do we replay over and over a relationship gone wrong….most have attached their identity to the relationship, to that other person sooo deeply, moving on from it…brings people to their knees.

You must stop defining yourself by what might have been.  The focus should be on what you want now.  What did that other person show you?…Many of you all still don’t know and you want to desperately know what in the world they were there to teach you when all they would do towards the end was push your buttons all the time anyway….this has been discussed throughout this blog…the number one, paramount encompassing thing is your lack of self-mastery.

If that person could put you in such mental twist and upset you by their actions time and time again…(and you didn’t leave then…)  then there is yet another lesson…

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