Brand Awareness

by The Writer

The Label

My siblings and friends label me as funny, foolish and sometimes idiot or douche bag.  My parents wished I was labelled a doctor, or lawyer, but those labels don’t suit me.  I’ve been labeled many things, but the label I identify with the most is writer, for better or for worse. Labels help me understand things quicker.  But my love-hate relationship with them would often make me gravitate to brand name labels, and sometimes I’d feel guilty because I felt materialistic in this material world.  Another post on ‘the wise one once said‘ blog got me thinking….  If you haven’t subscribed to the blog yet, you’re definitely missing out on brilliant slices of wisdom from the ages, tailored to your life.

Reading the post, I couldn’t deny ‘who I had loved’.  I felt sad, but the surprising truth was there, and it made perfect sense given my last post about self-image. Though narcissist is just a label to understand my situation from another perspective, it doesn’t mean it allows me to unload blame.  Not my style.  I take responsibility and must recognize the narcissist within myself, because after all, pride, which is my sin, is the same as vanity.  But ‘narcissistically’ speaking, the argument can be made that the brand names are an extension of how I perceive myself, high quality.  But realistically it’s about the meaning I attach to the labels, status.  However, I didn’t let the labels define me.  Regardless of a person’s ‘labels’, there is a deep-seated need to be perceived as a person of high quality and status.  After shaking off the expectations of my parents, friends and ex-partners, I realized I needed to release the need to be more ‘anything’ to them.  But I wanted to be more ‘something’ to myself, and there in lies the difference.

I choose the brands I do because they’ve proven to be trustworthy and reliable to me, and aren’t those qualities we look for in friends?  I’m not adverse to taking chances on unknown labels– Sometimes the fit is brilliant, and comfy, and it becomes something you keep forever.  Conversely, sometimes those brand name labels need to go, because they’re worn out and out of style.  And sometimes you make that amazing find where you don’t have to sacrifice style or comfort, you get’em both, those are classics: clothes, furniture, friends, whatever.  Timeless.

Though I always wanted to be a writer, I didn’t like the ‘starving artist’ label that came with it, and I’m sure my parents hated it even more.  Where was the prestige? Money? Status? Of course I’d love to have them, but I don’t need them.  Underneath the labels, everyone seems to be doing the same thing, ‘being in service’.  Doctors practice saving lives, so that they can in turn save their own. Lawyers by definition, (are supposed to) help solve problems, so they can solve the one’s in their lives.  Writer’s write about life, so they can in turn write their own lives.   Hopefully I’m doing a service, and helping to solve someone’s problem somewhere.  Perhaps, everything I’ve written is simply ‘practice’, but I’m fortunate and grateful to have found a label that suits me.