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I’m not exactly in the ‘I hate love’ phase, but reading this post again gives me confidence there’s still people out there willing to put love on the line, so today’s guest blogger is ‘Blessed with A Star on the Forehead’, a great blog if you haven’t checked it out– a brave woman who wears her heart on her iron sleeve.

Blessed with a Star on the Forehead

To the one that moves me:

Yesterday I didn’t know you existed.  Today I would miss you if you were gone!  I would miss your words, your voice and your laughter.  I would miss what you do to my mind, heart and body. I would miss the possibilities and the anticipation.

And yet our bodies never touched.

Your words slowly moved in. With each word I saw you, with each word I knew you.  My heart and my mind began slow dancing to “what ifs”.

You have all the things I appreciate in a man: you see the humor in life, you have a honest heart, you have been hurt in your past,  you are happy in your present, and you have hope for your future.  You take being a father seriously and you are a grateful son!

You took the first step and my heart sang the beginning notes…

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