by The Writer

Reviving The Lost Art of Conversation

You: Hey!  How’s it going?

Me: Good! Good…You?

You: Good.  What’ve you been up to?

Me: Oh, not much. Just living life.  Ya’ know…

You: I know!

Me: How about you?

You: Same old, same old.  Just getting through the day… I’m exhausted.

Me: No kiddin’! 

You: How about this weather, huh?

Me: I know! It’s crazy.

You: Makes me not want to do anything.  But you know…

Me: Yeah… I know.  Wish I didn’t have to work.

You: I know.  How is it going over there?

Me: Still the same, but with a little less enjoyability.  You still working at the same place?

You: Yeah.  I need a vacation though…Or a new job.

I’ve had way too many of these ‘nonversations‘ where upon reflection, I’ve learned and said nothing.  I’m guilty of perpetuating these lame talks by not offering anything of real substance.  I’ve even gone as far as to consider myself boring, and avoided conversations so that I didn’t waste people’s valuable time.  Okay… Truthfully I didn’t want to waste mine either, but sometimes I had nothing to say (much like today’s random post).

The real conversation killer is that line “I’d complain, but who’d listen?”  I’m listening!  Just don’t bore me to death with the complaint.  I’ll decide if I care or not.  Or give me a ‘Thanks for listening’ tip (with inflation a quarter per minute is the going rate).  Furthermore, I’m sure whatever the complaint is will make my life seem better by comparison; thinking on that, I’m a little angry that I wasn’t offered the complaint that would have most certainly lift my spirits!

Someone told me, when asked, “How’s it going?“, I should always respond with a “Way too good“, and then immediately walk away.  I figured it was worth a try….   When used properly, this response not only recovers the lost art of conversation, it also  guarantees you will NEVER have another nonversation in your life again.

Try it. Seriously.