Stuck In The Middle With You

by The Writer

Powerful Knowledge vs. Blissful Ignorance

The main motive for “nonattachement” is a desire to escape from the pain of living, and above all from love, which sexual or nonsexual is hard work. — George Orwell

Mr. Orwell, you’ve made me think…. Generally in life, if it seems harder to do, it’s probably worth doing, yet most still hold fast and true to the ‘easy way out’.  Many times (like now) I wish I could flick a switch and subscribe to the easy way.

When asked what I hate most, I would almost always reply ignorance.  I never really looked at it as a coping mechanism, I regarded it as lazy.  But I’m rethinking it.  Conversely, because ‘knowledge is power’, I always assumed happiness would be ruled out.  So I was afraid to become ‘too knowledgeable’, I guess…? But then I remembered that happiness is a choice, which then gives both ‘blissful ignorance’, and ‘powerful knowledge’ equal footing as states of being.  No longer did I have to be stuck in the middle.

Stumbling upon nonattachement at an early age, I became aware of the emotional distance I created in relationships, but not really sure why.  It wasn’t until my adult years I realized it was a coping mechanism.  When I thought I was powerful and knowledgable about certain things, truly I was blissfully ignorant… and it also worked the other way around.  And upon reflection, while in those states of being, I chose to be happy.  Being blissfully ignorant about what it took to write a novel, or a screenplay, or magazine article helped me to actually do it.  Had I been knowledgable about the work involved, I don’t know that I would have.  Having been knowledgeable about the mechanics of roller coasters (from personal experience), I’ve avoided them for a good part of my life, yet have missed out on many blissful near-death experiences.  Meh.

So now I’m wondering if perhaps the reason life is a mystery is because we’re not supposed to be too knowledgeable so that we can be blissfully ignorant going through it.  Knowing we make the best choices with the information we have available to us, I also wonder if given all the ‘worldly’ information beforehand, what people would choose to do with life.  I’m going to assume most would rather not ‘live it’, knowing how bad the struggle is in the middle.  However, looking at the end result helps me cope through the tough times, and not knowing what I don’t know helps even more.