A Solid Foundation

by The Writer


I’ll Keep This Post Brief…

Who we are on the inside comes through on the outside, so it’s important to make sure that our identities are built on something strong to support how we are perceived. The exterior is another matter, which has its own foundation…

The price for good quality men’s underwear is nothing less than $5; women’s underwear I’ve seen on sale for less than a dollar.   Men’s underwear is utilitarian. It’s big, heavy and sometimes has a weird slit in the front for ventilation, I think… (does anyone ever use that thing?)  Women’s underwear is delicate, soft, and has no ventilation slits (unless for play), and sometimes it’s skimpy and revealing for seductive reasons.  Men have a numbered pair of underwear and don’t care if their muscle shirt matches the colour of the boxers, or what kind of stain happens to find a home within the coarse fibers.  Conversely, women often buy their undergarments in cute matching sets, and when caught in an ‘unexpected situation’ will sometimes make excuses as to why they’re wearing a mismatch– Secretly men don’t care, but the effort is nice to see.  Men wear their underwear until the threads fray, vents become gaping holes, and the thing looks more thong, than boxer or brief.  Women buy briefs and thongs, disposing of them when the smallest thread becomes unstitched, or an ‘accident’ happened while wearing a ‘fuller’ garment (aka granny panties).

In summation, men and women must take equal care in maintaining not only their interior foundations, but also their exterior foundations.