Work In Progress

by The Writer

Some folks have wondered what’s up with my blog lately… And I’ve wondered the same thing too.  It seems due to some personal things going on, I haven’t been ‘showing up’.  And of course while writing helps to ease the stress and figure things out, part of the personal struggle is with writing itself.  Though writing is not officially my livelihood, I’ve made it part of my identity, and because I’ve examined ‘who I am’, and my relationships with others, I’ve put the label under the microscope to better understand it.  As most writers know, the journey of a writer is… challenging to say the least.  Much like any relationship it takes someone with great virtues to make it to the finish line.  Furthermore, like any relationship there comes a time when you look at where you’ve been and where you’re going.  After a sobering intervention, I thought of doing something drastic, as usual…  I doubt I can completely give up being a writer, but I recently took the first step in admitting I have a problem.  With lost hope and weakened faith, I’m not sure what will happen with the other steps, but I suppose we’ll see in the coming posts.