Ms. Right

by The Writer

Ms. Right (For Me)

Many weeks ago I read a post on Life In The Dash Lane, a great blog if you haven’t checked it out, and on it were a few inspiring letters written to the person she would eventually find and fall in love with.  In the back of my mind I knew I’d follow suit and write a letter just to ‘put it out there’, and I wrote a draft many weeks ago and never posted it.  I wasn’t sure what to think, or how to feel about it, but since this will potentially be the most significant relationship I’ll have with another human being, it’s only fair to really look at what I’m expecting…

Dear Ms. Right,

Sorry the journey to your heart has taken me so long, but know that the path that led me to your soul has taught me what to expect so that I know how to love and cherish who you are for the rest of our lives together.  You didn’t have to wait for me, but I am thankful and deeply honoured that you choose too.  Your patience, kindness, and love are treasured gifts, even if sometimes you’re too angry to give them, and I gladly offer them to you in return.  Thank you for supporting and taking care of me when I couldn’t, and felt weak.  I am thankful for your courage, and seeing your strength inspires me.  Although I may not say it as often as I should, everyday I am blessed to know you’re there for me.   Thank you for putting ‘us’ first and being my best friend even in times when you may not have felt like it.  And though we may argue and get angry with each other, I appreciate that you can tell me how stubborn I can be.  God couldn’t have sent me a better friend.

Thank you for being my blessing in disguise, loving my flaws, and looking past my imperfections.  Know that I’m humbled by your honesty, excited by your presence and in awe of your open-heart.  You didn’t have to take the time to get to know me, but you did.  And though my interests might not be your own, I’m blessed that you understand and accept them.  And know that our shared interests mean more to me than anything in this world and the next.  There is so much more I wish to express to you, but words can’t do what I feel justice, so thank you for allow me to show you.  Thank  you for valuing me not just as a man, but as a human being, and having faith not just in me, but in ‘us’.  Knowing you trust in love, I am more confident, blessed and eternally grateful to spend my life by your side.  Humbled by your grace and beauty, I am inspired by your fearlessness, and your sense of gratitude.  Though the path that led me to you tested every bit of me, know that I would do it again if it meant that it would bring me to your unconditional love.  People will look and say it seems like a fairytale, but you and I will know the real story.

With Love,