The Bruce Wayne Project

by The Writer


I’m No Super Hero

The end of my previous relationship brought out my insecurities that I wouldn’t be able to provide a stable lifestyle for my partner.  I’m not a materialistic person, and am quite content with living within my means.  However, because I’m an advocate for abundance in all areas of my life, my finances could definitely use a boost.  This got me thinking about Bruce Wayne… Actually it got me thinking about Cee-Lo Green, but eventually my thoughts returned to the playboy billionaire.  I can already hear the naysayers proclaiming I can’t live like Bruce Wayne!  Racial aspects aside, he’s fictional.  Second, he’s got intimacy issues… True.  There is a danger living like Bruce Wayne, but I’m confident I’ll be able to recognize sincerity, loyalty and true love, and be able to tell the difference between ‘real and fair-weather’ friends who come around when life is good and there’s money to spend.

The tragic story of Bruce Wayne is, he witnessed his parents being murdered in an alley by a thief.  Orphaned by this tragic event, Bruce became haunted by his fears and blamed himself.  Unable to cope with the life, he set off on a journey of self discovery and developed his personal strengths and inner spirit.  During this very lengthy and difficult process he reached down deep into the shadows of his soul to confront his fear.  With his unwavering inner strength he decided to turn his weakness into strength to help others and contribute to society, and not just only through financial means.

Turning tragedy to triumph, and weakness into strength to contribute and better serve others while channeling my ‘negative’ emotions into something more productive is what this project is all about.  I’m well aware that Bruce Wayne is a fictional character, but it doesn’t mean inspiration can’t be drawn from fiction.  Batman, Bruce’s alter ego, is where he channels his ‘negative’ emotions into something more productive.  Yet, his alter ego uses sweet ninja skills, fear and intimidation, which is why this isn’t ‘The Batman Project’. Had this been the ‘Batman Project’, the first order of business would be to work on my exterior; building a solid foundation from the ground up, and purchasing a plethora of pristine boxer briefs.

However, this is the Bruce Wayne Project, so the first step is to survive a tragic story… Done, and done. Setting off on this blogging adventure has been quiet a journey… And confronting the shadows of my soul have given me untold riches, I plan to share in the coming posts.  However, the one thing that scares me is the inevitable ‘Batman Project’.  Should I be concerned that I’ve already begun to stockpile underwear?