The 12: Prologue

by The Writer

All Work And No Play Makes Me A Dull Boy

You may be able to take a break from writing, but you won’t be able to take a break from being a writer…- Stephen Leigh

It had been awhile since I posted anything, and as I mentioned in an earlier post, I decided to take a journey…  I also mentioned that I had a problem, and I took the ‘first step’ in admitting it.  The thing about addictions is that it has such a negative connotation.  There are many ‘good’ things people can be addicted to, but as with anything, addictions in excess, is never a good thing.  In my ‘online’ absence, I decided to revisit the 12-Step program for writing– Perhaps you’re thinking the same thing I thought: what is wrong with this guy?

Here’s my thought process:  If my ‘writing addiction’ is a good thing, and the 12-Step program is a good thing, either I’ll learn to be okay with writing less (a good thing) or quit altogether (not such a good thing, but two rights don’t usually make a wrong).  In either case, I decided it was worth a try.  If you’ve checked out my last ‘stint in rehab’, it may seem as though I’m foolishly repeating myself, but tackling this experiment, I’m coming at it from a different place, and a deeper understanding.  Truthfully, I wasn’t going to post any of it for fear of appearing insecure, but… Meh. I’ve made peace with that.  Admittedly my original intentions for my ‘Writer’s 12-Step Program’ was to kick the writer’s habit so that I could start ‘living and enjoying life’.  But ironically a book came out of it.

After I writing a book last year, I decided the process was too long, and the end result too soul-crushing.  I would never commit to such a thing.  Ever. But interestingly over the past few weeks, I’ve finished writing about half of the non-fiction book, and if you come along on my journey, I will share the book with you!  Soon I’ll need some help with choosing a title, soliciting some content ideas from readers, and of course reviews.  I would like to acknowledge that some of my readers, subscribers and followers have shown great support and concern for me lately, and it has made me feel really appreciated, and motivated me to continue writing.  So if you happen to catch an upcoming post from ‘The 12’ that seems a little raw, it’s just me doing some cleaning before I get to the good stuff.  And the good stuff is happening.  And soon I’ll be able to take that much-needed vacation…