The 12: Humility

by The Writer

Step 7: Humility

Writer’s Rehab

The focus of Step 7 is humility, allowing the act of writing to do something that cannot be done by self-will.

Remaining humble and becoming aware of my shortcomings as a writer, and trying to remove them was a bit of a challenge for me.  Fortunately, this whole process has helped to facilitate some humility, growth and change.  This process has helped me to remove expectations I’ve attached myself to in regards to projects, and pieces I’ve worked on.  No longer do any of my projects hold a mandate to become something more than a collection of prose.  I may still have a desire to see each piece grow wings and fly, but the act of simply birthing them from my mind serves as the miracle.  This is what I celebrate; the manifestation of an idea.  Having spent countless hours writing, I became too attached to each piece in the process.  And I wanted each piece to find a home outside of my computer.  Perhaps in the future some pieces will, and maybe some won’t.  It doesn’t matter.  Furthermore, this process has helped me to remove most of my doubts, fears and disbelief in regards to the writing process.  Having gained more faith in the creative process I’ve been able to keep my pride at bay and press on with putting words on pages.  While I still believe my blind ambition can be a good thing, I’ve also achieved more clarity in the useless pursuit of perfection.