The 12: Maintenance

by The Writer

Step 10: Maintenance

Writer’s Rehab

Nobody likes to admit to being wrong. But it is absolutely necessary to maintain progress in recovery.

Admitting when I’m wrong has been an experience that has taken me from one end of my spectrum to the other.  My soul searching list in step 4, listed my ‘sins’ of the craft of writing. And in the attempt to gain balance I must acknowledge the virtuousness within my craft.  This list will help to identify what’s ‘write’.

Humility— Maintain a realistic sense of my accomplishment without attachments to the outcome or labels; keep a healthy perspective towards writing.

Temperance— Setting aside time to write is important because it is time for myself.  This sacred time must be treated with respect and not wasted.  I most be mindful of moderating my time spent writing and time spent with others.

Charity— I must remove the thoughts that the work must be perfect and love it as it is– celebrate the manifestation of the idea, and the sharing of it with others.  The material possessions gained from the work are secondary to connecting with others.

Diligence— Continuing to work from a spiritual place allows the work to grow more naturally.   And although there will be times I don’t feel like writing, I won’t give up on myself.  I will proceed with faith and continue putting words on pages.

Patience— Knowing my work is good enough doesn’t mean I don’t have to continue to work hard at it.  I must remember this fact when I get angry about projects not turning out as planned.  I have patience with myself while working through the creative process and keep up a sense of peacefulness and stability.

Kindness— Using the spirit of competition as a way for my work to improve doesn’t mean being jealous of other artists: I am only in competition with myself.  I learn from the last creation and improve upon it.  I must show compassion and trust in my work, and the work of others without judgement or resentment.

Chastity— Although I may not be able to avoid the deep-seated desire to write, I can maintain a healthy perspective towards writing and make sure my thoughts and actions fall in line with a more balanced and positive outlook.