The 12: Connecting

by The Writer

Step 11: Connecting

Writer’s Rehab

The purpose of Step 11 is to discover the plan ‘writing’, as I understand it, has for my life.

Connecting and fully understanding  my purpose for writing has been a challenge for me.  It has been the means of my own personal growth and discovery.  As long as I’m alive, I will write.  I will express my thoughts and feelings through text.  I will create and share stories, and serve others through my words.  Interestingly, because I truly wanted to quit my ‘addiction’ when I began this experiment, the purpose of ‘writing’, which has been so integral in my life, has been a bit illusive.  In my formative years, I wrote for the pure joy of it because I didn’t have to think of it as a career.  In my later years, my conscious effort to write was simply a means to an end.  During my ‘starving artist’ period it became a vehicle for self-expression.  And now it has become a ‘product’ of service to others.  Going forward, being a writer is and has always been a discipline of my choosing.  The direction of my career is also my choosing– For me, quitting ‘being a writer’ would mean I’m a failure.

The pieces and projects I’ve worked on were only the beginning of the greatness ahead of me.  And it is a long continuous journey I’m ready for.   And although my past projects may not have found the success I wanted for them, I love them just the same.  If I believe my ‘next’ project will always be my best project, I will keep moving towards success.  Through writing, a higher power speaks to me, and I simply do the best I can to capture the miracle.  This is the hardest part of the craft of writing.  However, it is when I am still, when I am silent, when I am quiet, I can capture the words.  My writing habits have changed over the weeks, but there remains an unseen compelling force pushing me to continue.  And although my continued purpose of writing may not be in blog form, it will no doubt be a means to an end that not only expresses my thoughts and feelings, but also serves others.