The Architect

by The Writer


In an earlier post I spoke of a reoccurring ‘lucid dream‘ I couldn’t seem to control.  Because I often prided myself on ‘staying in control’, having no control frustrated me.  I lacked the awareness to properly construct the circumstances I was experiencing.  I realized I needed to become an architect.  And though I don’t have any working knowledge of constructing buildings, I do have first hand experience with my own dreams.  Architects design and construct spaces and buildings that ‘are in service’ to humanity.  The latin word for architect is architectus, which has its roots in ancient Greece: arkhitekton (arkhi-, chief + tekton, builder) chief builder.

Good architects support and guide others by creating environments for people to learn and grow and generate collective ideas.  They have a sense of how people and things work; they have a great awareness of functionality, style and marry them with the needs of others. Architects serve and lead as mentors, visionary and facilitators who provide direction. Through definitive boundaries they offer freedom to create without imposing the guidelines and hindering creativity and ingenuity.

The foundation of any structure is key, and as an architect I must look at the foundations of my space before I can build a better dream.  I have to look past my behaviour, and coping strategies.  I have to dig below my feelings, and how I feel about them.  I have to move beyond my perceptions of things and my expectations.  Beyond my yearnings is the foundations of my being upon which all the aforementioned things are built.  My core holds the blueprints to make sure my dreams can stand against the test not of time, but of change.

At this level deep within my core, I must decide my purpose, the reason I am here.  Once that is clear, my identity begins to form; not just who I am, but how I think of myself.  Once I am able to identify myself the way I choose, I can determine the values and qualities I will call upon when I begin to build.  Not only does each value need to be empowering, I must truly believe and practise them because I will be building my dream based on my beliefs.  Furthermore, the weaker the belief, the weaker the structure.  I need to learn how to dream if I am to improve– Fortunately I like to dream big.  I need to put forth the effort to learn a system or procedure that facilitates the creation of dreams.  Once learned, my actions and behaviour will shift to a degree of more confidence.

This absolutely seems like challenging work.  But not only is the result a profound control over my dream, it is how prophecies are fulfilled because, it takes hard work to make dreams come true.