The Programmer

by The Writer


If I don’t program myself, someone else will.

I apologize to my right brain followers, I'm coming at this post from my left-brain.

It’s widely believed that the human brain functions like a computer, especially  with so much terminology closely relating computers and consciousness together, (scripts, programming and function etc…).  Based on my childhood programming, and scripts I’ve learned, I function a certain way within society.  My programs are simply my deeply held beliefs, and to change them, I must first become aware of their existence.  Interestingly, programming has gotten some negative press with the current state of external programming from social institutions and media.  Yet, in my opinion, it’s a matter of people not bothering to program themselves for success and refuse to be accountable for their actions (sometimes because of lack of awareness).  It is also, believed the subconscious mind contains the stored programs, executing them instinctively like a computer.  Who installs the programs? The conscious mind.  Though I make the comparison between computers and consciousness, the fact that I can recognize my own programming and have the ability to change it makes me infinitely more powerful than a computer.  (It’s when a computer or A.I. becomes aware of its program and changes it are humans in trouble…)

The things I want most in the world are things most everyone wants, so I don’t need to go into much detail about my needs (food, air, shelter…).  Moving past my yearning for love, acceptance, belonging, creativity, connection, freedom and abundance, I must look at my expectations I have of myself, others and from others.  I demand more of myself than I do from others, and I feel others demand I be a strong leader.  With a clear sense of self, yearnings and expectations, I must explore the programs that were installed many years ago to see if they need upgrading.  And of course they do.

Upon completion of the ‘architectural design process‘, it is the job of the programmer to convert the design into a logical series of instructions to follow.  In order to meet the ‘specifications’ of my inner architect, the programs must be simple, but effective.  For example, once I’ve shifted my belief about money from negative to positive, I may install a program that spends money more wisely.

Looking at my programs currently running for: career, health, finance, relationships, spirituality, and most importantly ‘the self’, I ask myself the purpose of each program: what is the reason for it?  Is it currently serving ‘who I am’?  I need to know the underlying values of the program, and my emotionally held beliefs about it.  I need to become aware of the program’s capabilities and limitations.  I need to know how the program is effecting my behaviour (what I do and say) and how it is impacted or influenced by the surrounding environment so I can make adjustments.

This is all very challenging work especially when QA Testing programs for the first couple of times.  There’ll still be times of frustration and anger– that’s the life of a programmer.  But you deserve an upgrade, don’t you?