I Got ’99’ Problems

by The Writer

R.I.P Me

I didn’t think I’d make it to 100 posts, but I’m one shy away from the milestone.  And with the milestone release of my ebook, I feel it’s time to take a moment to end an old process before beginning anew.

The Writer, 30’s, died from a ‘fall’ a short while ago.

He was born to a couple of not so scary immigrants, who raised him to the best of their ability within the rapidly changing North American culture.  Greatly influenced by pop culture and religion, he made many attempts to become a highly sought after writer, and took many risks with his work and life using humour and irony.  Ironically, he wasn’t really funny, but most admired his attempt to make others laugh.  Relocating back to the east coast after almost a decade out west, The Writer started to take his writing career seriously and began writing novels, magazine articles and blogs to entertain and inspire others.  After a series of failed long-term relationships, and short stints as a swinging bachelor, The Writer stopped dating altogether and raised a diverse family of cats consisting mostly of a variety of puma shoes.

The Writer was a prideful young man who was passionate about making a difference in the lives of others. With his cool detached approach, he often helped others who were struggling with issues in their lives, and always felt good about finding the inner spirit in others.  Living vicariously through others, he always seemed to enjoy hearing other people’s stories, mostly for details to add to his own work.  Although he was not an active member of the church, political, or vegetarian communities, he sometimes wished he was, and often pretended he was knowledgable about them to impress others.  Truthfully, he knew nothing.  He loved to travel, and wished he had done that more, but could never find the time to go and see the world that he wanted to change.  Instead he decided to become the change he wished to see, and with his active imagination he often wrote about places he had never been, and people he wanted to meet in his lifetime.

The Writer is survived by his parents, siblings, pumas, and his fine collection of worldly argyle sweaters. In lieu of flowers, or donations, The Writer requested a moment of silence and a smile to remember his passing.  A viewing of his last work will be held soon. Burial of the ‘old self’ will be held shortly after.