Science Faction

by The Writer


It is often said that ‘thoughts become reality’…Thinking on this, I began wondering about the stigma against the placebo effect… Indeed because of the nature of the deception it is bad however, the result could be positive in some instances.  It’s definitely a case for another matter, but the concept of thoughts becoming reality seems to hold true for me.

As a child my thoughts ran wild.  I suppose they still do, but as an adult the things I imagine don’t seem as fun.  Imagining the carpet was hot lava, or a pile of couch cushions as an impenetrable fortress, or fighting my way through a series of ‘bad guys’ to save my girl friend seemed more fun than imagining which chore I’m going to cross off my to-do list.  Most often I would imagine a plethora of friends to play with, not because I was lonely, but because I was bored.  Those thoughts became a reality.  But today when I’m bored, the thought of imagining hanging with friends seems silly since I can easily go and see them– Being an adult does have some advantages…With all the gadgets and wizardry available it seems I don’t have to use my imagination as much because there is less time for me to be bored.

Technology has made my life easier only when I compare it to a different time period– Periods where imagination was greater than the technology available. However, it’s interesting that most people still refer to ‘a simpler time’, which always includes ‘low tech’, but a much more vivid imagination.  It seems as though the creators of high-tech gadgets have a lot of imagination, and the exchange of their useful imagination is the unused imagination of others.  In the near future, when I look back on this time with the feeling of ‘it was a simpler time’, while speeding about in my automated vehicle, powered by the sun, I’ll l imagine what will come next, not because I’m bored, but because I’m curious.

There have been instances where I think about my imaginary friends from childhood– Those lucky bastards didn’t age, but I did.  And as an adult, I’ve thought about being an imaginary friend (being that ‘this world is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one…’ [Albert Einstein]). Indeed it sounds strange, but the field of science has proven it.  Interestingly, science still continues to be quite critical despite having proved itself to be an inconsistent study based on the evidence that our 5 primary senses can and are constantly fooled.  Furthermore, scientific evidence proves that the person(s) administering experiments can effect the outcome.

This funny little paradox makes it seems as though science itself is a bit of a placebo…