The Loaded Weapon

by The Writer

Do you solemnly swear or affirm that you will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

Regardless of what I write, the probability of you believing me is slim because… I’m a liar.  And most liars shouldn’t be trusted.  Let’s being with the facts, which are mostly accepted truths.  Facts are things that actually exist or something that is known to have happened. It is a truth known through experience or observation.  However, with every single person having different life experiences and observing things from different perspectives, it seems sometimes the facts can be misleading.  And when disagreements occur over the facts, what’s the next best thing? A lie?  Interestingly, I’ve learned facts and ‘relative truths’ from various groups of people who have claimed their identities and divided themselves from others.

From people who claim they are ‘this’ and not ‘that’, I have received a deeper understanding of ‘who they are’– their truth, so to speak.  I have learned much from the atheists and agnostics– I’ve learned how to think logically, and detach from things that don’t seem to be working for me.  From the religious, and the zealots I’ve learned how to surrender my faith in  a power greater than me.  From the spiritual and metaphysical groups I’ve learned more about the self and things outside what my senses perceive from this physical reality.  However, with each group claiming to know the truth, it makes believing in anything a challenge.  And though, the constant division has provided a clearer understanding of various perceptions, it has led to weakness– Breaking things down repeatedly tends to have that effect.  But I digress… That’s a topic for another post.

The search for truth, which some believe is a loaded term, seems always to refer to something outside of oneself.  Most look to others to ‘find’ the truth instead of discovering it within.  It’s easier to let someone else do the heavy lifting to search for truth, and just agree with the findings.  Doing this avoids the perception of being wrong or a liar.  Because ‘inner truth’ is so personalized and requires the seeker to take  accountability and own their truth, it seems selfish and unacceptable as a ‘gospel truth’.  Also, some of the words associated with ‘truth’, aren’t things people themselves want to identify with;  using words like, ‘ugly’, ‘horrible’, or ‘terrifying’ with truth, intrigue people except at the risk of being ugly, horrible or terrifying.

Truth is an illusive, loaded term with various definitions, but its relativity may simply be the result of the cause: it is a state of being. Everyone is in a different state of being experiencing a variety of emotions.  When I’m in a state of gratitude, my actions and thoughts are true.  Conversely when I’m told I should feel gratitude, and I don’t, all actions derived from my inauthentic state are fabricated. Lies. Ultimately being my authentic self is being the truth.  There are moments when I’m in an inauthentic state of being to get through the work day.  The fact is, I can admit to  ‘massaging the truth’ because my authentic state of being may be ‘for the moment’ negative.

Interestingly, the probability of you believing and accepting my inauthentic state of being is higher because of the positive words associated with lies… little, white and sweet.