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Love At First Thought

The Illogical Choice

The good new is, those who submitted definitions for the contest will receive a prize!  The bad news is, regrettably I didn’t receive a large amount of definitions for the second part of the contest.  Aside from my lacklustre marketing attempt with the giveaway (sorry), the definitions of ‘love’ remained scarce.  It was brought to my attention that what I was asking from contestants was very difficult…impossible even!  Simply because it was ‘that time of year again’, I assumed most would be in the frame of mind to share the meaning of love.  Perhaps it was my tendency to over simplify things that brought about the idea.  Perhaps it was my lack of understanding.  In any case, for some, love remains an illusive concept– Though it’s not the only sign, the increasing divorce rate can speak to that.

In some parts of the world, love (hopefully) comes sometime after  marriage.   ‘Other factors’ (duty, honour, culture) are considered more important than love itself when choosing a parter for life.  And in some cases the people brought together through circumstance decide they love one another after years of enduring hardships.  They always choose each other.  The choice to be together is made by couples worldwide on a daily basis, and it is truly inspirational.

Assume for a moment that love is a choice.  While most choices are made using logic, perhaps love is made using some illogical process.  Science has taken a crack at understanding love, and has defined it as a measure of chemical reactions and attachment stages.  Interestingly, within a relationship it’s bad form to measure the amount of love between a couple.  The result is usually a ‘who loves who more’.  It’s not about keeping score, because true love is immeasurable.  However, if love is a choice, why do so many people choose poorly?  The lack of a clear personal definition may have something to do with it, but I digress… Now assume that ‘love at first sight’ is real– Choice has been removed from the matter.  What’s left? Chaos?  If people fell in love purely based on sight, we would have a huge increase in shotgun weddings and marriages, which would last as long as someone’s looks did (not that it’s happening now).

Indeed, love,  falling in love and love at first sight are all different, but only to a degree.  If love is a series of conscious choices, then perhaps love at first sight is a series of subconscious choices.  This would leave the business of falling in love as the awareness of those subconscious choices, which then leads to the decision to love, or leave.

Countless lives have been spent trying to find and understand love– I’m no different.  And if it is indeed the reason we are all here, it makes attempting to ‘get it’ complete sense.  Like most, I want to understand it, but it’s one of those things you have to practice to understand.  Like anything else worth becoming good at, practice makes perfect.  With practice comes that understanding– and that illogical choice begins to seem logical.

Love at first sight is choosing to love yourself first.




The knots in her stomach cinched. There were a million reasons to go home, but the intense desire in her body pulled her further. She could feel the blood rushing underneath her skin. Pressing herself against the thick door she pushes, letting herself in. Darkness. Guided by his faint breath she moves closer toward the bed. Dropping her jacket on the floor, she felt the icy chill of the room. But it didn’t bother her. She had dreamt about this moment since the first time they met.

The moon sliding through the window framed her body in the way a renaissance master captures art. His eyes searched the edged of her body as she removed her shirt. Standing before him was the source of the powerful emotion he tried to resist for as long as he could remember.  He wanted to resist her, but he wanted to be there. Needed to be there. Laying naked on the bed he watched. Waited.

Their eyes meet long enough to suggest something as simple as love, but they knew it was more complicated than that. Recovering with a smile, she held his gaze.  She wanted to speak, but the words would only get in the way.  Placing her diamond ring in her jacket pocket, she pulls off her pants and she climbs into bed with him…

….Was this a mistake?

Have you felt that powerful emotion of affection and personal attachment?  Or is it simply an emotional feeling of intense desire in the body?  For better or for worse, Valentines Day is here, and I want to do another FREE GIVEAWAY!!!

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In 30 Words or less, share what you believe love is.  A handful of the best definitions will be posted on my blog to be voted on by YOU.  The winner will receive matching his and her ‘LUST’ T-Shirts.

  • submissions MUST be 30 words or less and emailed to the address below
  • Selected definitions will be posted on or around February 21, 2012
  • The definition with the highest votes wins

Email submissions to HelloMySinIs (at) gmail (dot) com

Thanks for participating, and good luck!

What Goes Up and Never Comes Down?

A Little Older, & A Little Wiser

I don’t feel older. I don’t look older. But walking down memory lane, reflecting on the events that led me to this day makes me think otherwise.  Some people attempt to avoid the inevitable birthday at all costs, and claim to be turning an age already passed.  Others embrace the upward climb, or the descend down with a little more class and style.  At this moment, I’m somewhere in the middle.  I like to believe I haven’t any issues with aging however, when in the company of a younger generation the not so subtle clues begin to appear.  Making reference to shows ‘Wok with Yan’, or ‘Pasquale’s Kitchen, or anything from the 80’s or 90’s seems to be met with a ‘how old are you?’ question.  I’m comfortable with my age, and look forward to the adventure that awaits.  Having a day to reflect on the choices I’ve made up to this date (even the bad ones) makes me feel ageless.  Perhaps the real purpose for celebrating the day I was born is to celebrate the choices I’ve made and the life I’ve chosen to live.

Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes. ©Oscar Wilde

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