“Great” Friday

by The Writer

Easter Card


If happiness is a choice, would knowing the truth to life’s mysteries make people happier?  What if ‘the truth’ really is uglier than people imagine?  Approaching the one year anniversary of my blog, I wanted to reflect on my truth.  I’ve shared a lot, but learned even more. I’ve shared in the lives of others, and joined journeyed to places while remaining within the comfort of my home.  I’ve shared experiences that have redefined who I am and what I believe.  It’s been a life-changing year, but acknowledging and accepting my truth didn’t guarantee any sort of happiness.  Sometimes a lie was just as effective for me until it became truth.  I admit it.  I faked it until I made it.

Jesus knew the truth about his life, perhaps even his own death, but it wasn’t what made him happy.  Some believe, some don’t.  Regardless of belief the story is the story, and life lessons can be gained from the example.  Jesus died for our sins, not to rid the world of sin, but to show the power of forgiveness.  Mystified by the story as a child, I wondered why JC didn’t take all the world’s sin with him to the tomb– It would have solved a lot of problems if he did.  Clearly a larger dynamic system was in place, and ridding the world of sin wasn’t the best option.  There are many ways to interpret the story of JC.  I’m confident most of the interpretations of the stories hold some validity.  Some are irrelevant and most add to the seemingly endless controversy.  Being a man with an opened mind, small ego and huge spirit, JC  proposed a shift in conscious perspective to create change.  However, most people in that era didn’t want to change, or refused to accept another man’s truth.

Despite the lack of faith among his circle of followers, JC continued not in his pursuit of truth, but his pursuit of change.  Knowing the end didn’t sway him from a purpose of his choosing.  By changing the hearts of others, he began to change their minds.  Interestingly most attempt to change the mind with little regard to the heart.  I’m also guilty of attempting to change hearts through my blog.  However, I’ve realized changing the heart presents a greater challenge because of the need to be right.  Perhaps this challenge is the reason JC’s message remains a controversy on the mind instead of peace within the heart.