‘For The Love Of Money’

by The Writer

A Penny For Your Thoughts

As the Canadian penny makes its exit, I wondered why Canadian’s don’t ‘Trust in God’? Perhaps engraving our trust on currency might help stabilize it– Too little, too late I suppose.  Because of inflation, it costs more than a penny to manufacture a penny.  Does this mean the cost for a thought must also increase?

Materialism has become a dirty word.  Admittedly, I’ve occasionally slung dirt at it.  Yet, most ‘bad’ things have origins of goodness.  The pricelessness of time, of love from a significant other, or child are the intangible items most want.  However, most will settle for the temporary tangible things that comes with a price tag in the absence of the aforementioned list.  Expensive gifts, inexpensive tokens of esteem, or handmade presents all carry some significant value.  Interestingly, most think of ways to use those tangible items to gain more intangible moments.

Valuing material items over intangible ones leads to a dangerous path.  And it is said that ‘for the love of money, is the root of all evil’.  However, even money began as an idea.  A simple thought to a complex problem.  What is a fair change of goods or services?  Perhaps the ‘penny for the thought’ phrase began as a way to measure ideas, providing a baseline for the worth of all ideas to be measured against.  Throughout history there have been many great ideas that spawned incredible profitable inventions.  Furthermore, a lot of those ideas and inventions have become commonplace in our lives.  I couldn’t imagine functioning without some of them (computers, phones, indoor plumbing).  Tangible things of value begin as intangible priceless thoughts.

Thoughts become evolve into reality. Team science clings to their belief in evolution. Team religion holds steadfast in creationism.  Team science extremists prefer the logical way of thinking and reasoning and often deny the creative aspect of evolution/creation. Conversely, team religion enjoys the creative randomness of an omni-present ethereal being, but sometimes fail to question the logical systems in place that holds ‘thoughts’ together.  Perhaps there’s room for both belief systems to co-exist in peace?  Maybe a little cognitive polyphasia is the bond that will bridge the two together.  Interestingly, evolution, or God had to first think of an idea before it materialized, even if it was instantaneous.  After the completion and materialization of the (God) thought, it evolved into something more sophisticated. Wether conscious or subconscious, thought always precedes the manifestation of anything the five senses perceive.  Perhaps in the source of all ideas is where we must trust.

Being materialistic, I’ve been guilty of placing significant value on someone else’s, currency, services, and billion-dollar ideas.  I’ve drooled over new tech, shoes, clothes and cars.  But perhaps materialism is nothing more than over-valuing tangible ideas over intangible ones.  The ‘cure’ for this isn’t removing the value of another’s idea. Instead, value your own ideas and creations.